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We are a 4th generation family owned cattle farm located in Salacoa Valley Georgia amidst the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Since the 1880’s the Bennett family has been involved in various aspects of agriculture ranging from cotton, chickens, timber and cattle. Most recently we’ve focused on transitioning our cattle-herd from commercial cattle to purebred angus, with the primary goal of raising seedstock for both purebred angus producers as well as the commercial cattleman. We are excited for this new direction for our family farm and look forward to gaining the trust of our fellow cattleman. Our values have always been faith, family, and community. Part of our mission is to make an impact on the lives and communities in which we do business. With a focus on spiritual growth, a desire to serve others, and a loving heart we pray that both our lives and the cattle we raise will be a blessing to others.

At Salacoa Cattle we believe in a balanced approach to breeding cattle and not chasing extremes. Breeding decisions are based upon building cattle for longevity, fertility, and thus profitability. Our genetics focus on key traits that guarantee cattle will perform for our customers in the real world. We want to build our cattle from the ground up starting with sound feet, well-built udders, along with muscle definition and calm disposition all in an eye appealing package that moves well. We believe that “momma cow matters” and strive to raise the best females possible so that our herd bulls and replacement heifers will add profit to the bottom line of our customers.

Heart. Passion. Commitment.

Heart, passion, and commitment to the cattle and agriculture industry is what you will find at Salacoa Cattle Company. We promise to always conduct our business with the highest degree of honesty and integrity and will stand behind all our cattle 100%. Our customers can rest assured that their investment into our program will come with a commitment second to none. In closing we’d like to welcome you to the farm, we are passionate about progress within our cattle program and always enjoy meeting fellow cattleman.

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